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Next Meeting - When and Where?

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Howdy all.

I would like to set up the next meeting for the weekend of July 12-13-14.

But I do not want to make it seem like I am just arbitrarily calling the place and time.

So I am asking all of you - Would you rather have it fri, sat, or sun?

Also - anyone have a good suggestion for another cruise meeting spot where
there will be some other cars around? That seemed to work good in Lombard.

If nobody has anything better - I will start out by suggesting we meet in Lombard
again on Saturday evening, July 13. (6-10 PM)

Any thoughts?

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Well,... I know that 7/14 is the Victor Ford card show up in Wauconda rt12 just past 176 I think.

Is there a purpose or any other objective..... It was nice to meet a few of the guys but after that everyone just dispersed. I was just thinking if there were topics like desiging a club logo, or the business card to hand out to get new members, supporting your web site, thoughts, suggestions,finacial support, sponsors, sponsored show next year??? I've kicked around a few thoughts on the business card, but was wondering about the contact info etc. where/ who should people contact for info.

I think your ideas for this club are great and if everyone participates just a little it will be fun.
I vote for something up more towards the NW burbs this time.. The victo ford thing sounds cool on rt 12, I'd stop by there for sure.. Also, downtown crystal lake has a car show every thursday, apparently a big turn out (I've driven past, but actually haven't gone yet) - so maybe that'll give the group some good exposure.
Sunday in Wuaconda works for me. I would give the Lombard thing another try as well. But I would be late again on Sat.
Saturday is out for me as that's the 2nd cruise night in Morris and I was in North Carolina for the last one. It had nearly 300 cars and I know I don't want to miss the next one! Sunday works the best for me.
Well...Wauconda is prettty darn far for me. Almost a1.5 hours! I will not be able to make that one.
Lombard would be do-able. I'm pretty flexible in terms of the Sat/Sun. thing though.

just my .02

Fridays are always bad for me. I'm on the southside of the city, so anywhere north, nothwest is an hour to hour and a half for me.
Lombard or Wauconda is good for me on Saturday. Weather permitting I'll be there.

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