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next things to do

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ok guys i got headers a new intake new carb now what should i do prolly a new distributor for sure but what else can i do to help performance liek little things like plug wires etc. please give me some ideas please????
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There's plenty of things you can do!! What do you want to do with the car?? Is it a daily driver?? You could put in a cam, roller rockers, new heads!! Be more descriptive, and we'll help a little more!!

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well i mean i dont race i drive it prolly 3 times a week and i want it to be quick and fast but i cant really put a lot of money into it right now so what are the small easy things that will help performance

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yes can someone tell me what is up with gears and how much they are and what i need to look for in a catalog also is that something that is a exspensive job???

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You can pick up a used center section (also called a pumpkin) at a wrecking yard. They do go bad, but not very often. Stock gear ratio is typically 2.79:1 . For street/strip go for 3.25:1 to 3.50:1 . For strip only go numerically higher. I've got 3.25:1, improved performance and I can still drive on the freeway without redlineing...

I haven't bought a use pumpkin in a while, but I think I paid $150 five years ago. To have one rebuilt would cost $400ish.

Oh, after your gear change, install electronic ignition. Either convert your points distributor with a Pertronix, or swap in a Ford Duraspark.

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