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Nice way to repair old chrome

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OK, I found a nice method for making chromed plastic interior pieces look nice again, for only about 10 bucks-First off, I have actually done this and was pleased with the results, HOWEVER it isn't gonna fly in any sort of concours car, but it leaves a near-original finish that is excellent for a driver. I personally did it on the skinny chrome trim that ran around my center gauge, radio, and heater bezel.

First, I used 400 grit sandpaper to smooth out any pits or scrapes that are in the surface... This is the most important step, cause when you are finished you will notice any imperfections. I wetsanded just to keep the paper from clogging.

Second, mask off around it, and spray it w/ a primer... I used zinc body primer, worked ok for me... Sand again and reprime if necessary.

Third-Let the primer set up, and when it is dry, shoot on a chrome spray paint (I used Krylon Bright Chrome, and it left an excellent finish.. Found it at Wal-Mart). With the Krylon paint, once you start, you have to finish, theres no second chances it has to go on all at the same time or it won't be even. Spray it on lightly too, it LOVES to run.

After the paint has tacked up, peel the masking tape off and voila! An excellent recreation of artifical chrome!.. Seriously, it does yield excellent results; it has a nice luster and if you are good with a rattlecan it will leave a nice, even finish that looks nearly original an much better than regular silver paint. If anyone really wants them I could muster up some photos of my finished results, if you have any questions give me a yell!


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