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Just got my 67 Fastback (390, auto, 389 traction-lok) on the road for the first time. The rearend is making a loud howling/ vibration noise at cruising speed, it pretty much goes away when I let off the gas or accelerate. I've been told many different causes from worn bearings to- the gears not being set up properly to- the nut on the universal flange not being tight enough which would cause the gear setting to be off. If the gears are too badly misworn I'd really like to go to a set of 3.50's. Any input or advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Sounds like a bad Pinion bearing. Pull the center chunk and have it looked at. You might be able to just have the bearing replaced if the gears aren't too bad or just get it rebuilt with the 3.50s.

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Howling or vibration?

Them be different things..*G*

Try duplicating the problem with the car up on stands and a piece of heater hose or a screwdriver for a listening device...

Also, try coasting from 60 in neutral with the door cracked open and see what you hear....

Bad gearset will usually make noise when off and on the gas....not just at cruise.....bearing noises are usually speed dependent...


Get back to us...

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