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thanx grabberblue,tburgess and cruzer

92 olds supercharged touring sedan (big mama's)
ranger 4x4-66 mustang coupe
78 honda cb 750 ( restoring ) it's done!
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What do you think about They advertise 100MB freespace. Have you been using it long? Is it truly "free"?

1967 Acapulco Blue coupe
302 4V, C4, 9" 3.25:1
Torq-Thrust "D" 225-60-14
1968 PDB, Corbeau
LeCarra, Alpine in-dash CD
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It does have 100mb free and I guess the only reason that I used it is because they have an easy format for building a website which I'm still working on. I tried Geocities and Stangnet and being somewhat computer illiterate I just couldn't figure out how to use them. When the weather gets nice I'll be able to take more pics of the Mustang for the website.

1967 Coupe
Auto w/C4
302 w/Edelbrock 1406 carb and intake
Factory air
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