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Hello I am Diego the one whit the vinless Mustang in Argentina.
The car is 1970 sportroof whit rear louvers ,rear spoiler and front disk brakes.

The person that sell me the car say it is a American car , that the car lost its vin plates during the importation process.
How I can tall if may car is American or Latin American.

I AM REALLY CRAZY please help me.

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Without a VIN as a guide, it may be tough to determine where your car was built, however you could do a quick check of the following areas -- if original, they would suggest a Venezuelan-built car:

1. Engine bay painted body color rather than semi-gloss black.
2. Glass and seats made in Venezuela.
3. The serial # (VIN) is on the tag on the door and on the diagonal
beam near the gas line in the engine compartment.
4. There may be another tag located on the right side near the radiator, similar to the San Jose build tags. Patrick Stott, the owner of a Venezuelan '69 Coupe, (and the source of this information) portrayed the one on his car like this:
| 10341 |
|7 |
|2 |
|1 T 2 |
|L 2D 71 |
| |

(The "L127" actually runs vertically, from bottom to top along the left side of the tag.)
A U.S.-built car might also have a build tag in this location, but it would provide a full U.S. VIN rather than merely the consecutive unit number (10341, in this instance).

Again, these checks may not be helpful in determining your VIN, but at least they may help establish whether your car is a U.S. import or not.
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