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Non ford cars for sale......

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I should have done this first,
i posted some cars for sale in that section,and i diden`t think to ask Bob or anyone else
if it was not Ok,sorry i diden`t meen to offend anyone.
VM is my fav site and i know quite a few people here [it almost like home]
im reg with the corvette site and the mopar sites but i dont fit in with those yahoo`s
i doubt the cars will sell here but i thought id give someone a chance here.
again im sorry if i pissed off anyone, and if Bob deleats them i understand
or if anyone wants me to deleate thim i will, no problem
`stuck in 5th gear'on a 4 spd[known as reverse]
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they both sound like nice cars .wish i could buy them.I have always been a mustang and mopar fan ,owning I can't even afford to own a mopar anymore.
You're forgiven, provided you give me a 71 Challenger or Hemi Cuda! ::
Well we let somebody with the name "DodgeStang" post here(and enjoy his company too) so it's not a big deal. Very few VMFers own ONLY a Mustang or ONLY drive Fords. Besides, a cool car is a cool car. Not that I have any say in anything, but I can't imagine selling "off topic" cars being offensive.
Now if we can just get Midlife to stop "test driving" GMs...
Now if you start listing rice burners then we might have a problem. :: But seeing who you are, the man who had the vision to see these cars for what they were long before anyone else, I think that it is great that you think of us. I do not drive as much as I used to, due to my unemployement situation, so when I am out there on the mean streets of Riverside I like to see any vintage iron out there still alive. Why just yesterday I saw a mid-sixties shovel 2 door with 2 carbs sticking out of the hood. Nice looking car for a cheby. :: fd
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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