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Mustang stuff only please.

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I'm on the hunt for an Australian 250 2V cylinder head. I know, I know, only vee-ate is spoken around here, but if you guys run across one, please let me know. I also put feelers out on

Thanks :)

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For Sale,

69 Mach 1, M code, have Marti Report. 20,000 OBO.

Car is currently set up for open track, can be returned to stock. If interested email, have pictures and will answer questions.

[email protected]


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I have a Ford Mustang 88-93 Mass Air 5.0 engine and injector harness for sell . I was going to do a swap in my car and add fuel injection, but I don't have time to go thru the harness so I am going to keep it carbed. It is in good shape and ready to go if you are doing a EFI Mass Air conversion for your car or truck.
I'm selling it for $80 on Craig's list and $60 for people from this forum.
$ 60

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I am selling my rims + tires. Looking to get $200. The rims are in pretty good condition. As you can notice by the pic. posted the chrome is fading on some of the rivets. One of the rims has a scratch from hitting a curb.

The tires are also in good condition. They are Yokohama P215 60R14's Avid S/T. Don't ask me how many miles they have because I do not know. I only use the car for local car shows plus go 500 miles each year to Reno from San Francisco. So maybe 4,000?

The lug nuts are not included since I tossed them.

These are 4x4.5 pattern.

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New seats are on my list of things to get soon and those look nice. I'm 6'0", do you think I'll fit in my '68 with those installed ?

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If you North Cal crew is interested since Oregon is not far from you. I'm selling my mothers 68 California Special. Reblt 10k miles ago 302,top loader 4sp,has new front seat upholstory,maroon with red/maroon interior.Factory clock over head console,woodgrain dash area with deluxe door carpet.good tires.has mags,after market stereo,runs and drives good.Has orig lucas and grill/hood/fiberglass.This is a real Cal. Registered on the California Special registration.Has a after market lower console with drink holder.Ps,PDB. Paint is around 3 years old. Will need buffed to get some watermarks out.Comes with new door handles in trunk.Paint is in good shape but if you want perfect show car will need that special touch with wax.$21,000.00

Email direct for pictures [email protected]


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I have a Ford 390 Engine Block $400

I have a 1969 Mustang Mach1 S Code
Original Paint...needs new paint
2nd Owner, New rebuilt 390 lonblock, MSD everything, Edel RPM Heads, cam, intake, carb, new rockers, rebuilt, c-6, 9" 3.0 gears.. too much to list, car comes with original 390 block, heads, intake, etc.
Message me for pictures

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I've got an OEM one that looks to be in good condition. The large piece with the teeth in it is bare steel and has surface rust, but it's otherwise fine. The rollers all look good. How 'bout $20 + shipping or you can pick it up. I think you're pretty far from me, though.

It is the '68 style with the correct '68 shaft.


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There's a buddy of mine trying to sell his '93 Probe V-6. He wanted to restore it, but found another car in the meantime and needs to sell this one. It sounds like it might be a nice car for commuting or for a teen's first car. If you're interested, give me a PT and I can put you in touch. He lives in the Sacramento area.

Here's some info:

1993 Probe GS, Motortrend's Car of the Year.

Mileage: 82,000

Engine: V-6 fuel injected 170hp

Color: Aquamarine, pin stiping grey interior, cloth

Transmission: standard, 5 speed

Sound: factory issued original, cassette, 4 speakers.

Comfort: PW, PS, P-Seats 5-way, AC. All electric is excellent working

History: This car had one other owner. my mechanic's son, also a mechanic (Rogers Automotive, Milford, CT. I bought it with 60,000
miles on it in 2005 and used it to drive back and forth to work

The good stuff: All replaced before I left. I put 2,000 mi on it in Sacto

New distributor
New exhaust
New battery
New tires {2,000 mi.)
New rims Enkai, they look nice, not gaudy. The originals rims were nice just too pitted to refinish.
{Goldpoint?} plugs

It's about $1800 just in new parts.

The deficiencies:

Bad paint fade

Needs slight body work around pop-up headlight (left side) but no open
or closing problems.

Need slight body work, to repair 12 inch split that runs from the bottom of chassis upward, right rear quarter.

Needs oxygen sensor most likely, a common glitch in Probes. Car upon starting runs perfectly, but after 5 minutes it begins to runs very rough. I don't think it's an injector problem, or a wire problem or arcing, but I never had a diagnostic done, and won't do it myself because I'm too lazy to get the codes.

Need glove box latch, and whatever tape he used to keep it shut left glue on dash, otherwise the interior carpets just need a good shampooing, seat fabric is perfect.

It has eastern rusting on the bottom of the chassis, but does not compromise the integrity of the floor or chassis. It just looks nasty. No rot on body.

$2000. Title is clean.

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WANTED: Parts for a T5 conversion for my existing 4 speed.

Namely, bell housing & adapter, trans, clutch & pressure plate, cross member, and anything else I'm might be forgetting.

I plan on using a z-bar/clutch fork set up. Thanks.

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Things I don't have:

C6 or manual transmission
302,351W,429cj or scj
wiring harnesses

Things I do have:

351C 4v motors (M code)
351C 2 v motors
351C carburetor (4v)
351C carburetor (4v M code manual)
square bore M code intake
spreadbore 4v manifolds( D2 & D3)
4v (cobra jet and boss) oil pans $100- $150
2- magnum 500's 7x15's
1- ram air base & seal (no lid)
door glass (minor scratches)
1/4 window glass for coupe & fastback
rear windows
gauge bezels and standard bezels
hood hinges
hood latch support ( no single post)

sheet metal:
doors $75 - $ 150
fenders $75- $150
hoods ( no nasa hoods) $75 - $150
doors $75- $150


chrome trim
sports mirror
OEM sports lamps
C4 tranny
gas caps
battery hold down
shifter handles

If theres anything you need thats not on my list just call: 541-979-6080 or email: [email protected]


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-'65 4spd clutch and brake levers
-'65 or '66 front seats
-'65 or '66 convertible rear seats
-'65 convertible a/c console
-'65 a/c evaporator
-'65 quick ratio steering box, rebuildable

For Sale:
- '65 Bench Seat
- '65 289 complete, needs rebuilding
- '95 AOD, needs rebuilding

Let me know what you have or want.

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