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Northa Carolina rusty(?) '69 sportsroof

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Thanks for all the replies RE: the condition of the cars back there. My ID is my email address (too computer illiterate to figure out a cool short name when I registered), so I am unfortunately wide open for spam. Anyway, I got an email today from a guy who lives in NC with a '69 sportsroof fake red Boss for sale, asking me if I would be interested in his car. I do know better than to even look at unsolicited emails and worse--to answer them--but darn(!) I'm really into '69s, so I just couldn't control myself. And its red with a fin--you know how that "re-sale red" catches people's eye. But I need another Mustang like a hole in my head (at my house all I hear is "YAM" for weeks after each time I drag another one home = Yet Another Mustang). But I did get some info on the car, and it sounds like it may be kind of an OK deal for $4,600...he says there's rust in 2 spots on the hood (seems odd to me?) and in the door corners, but all else is fine; 351W-4V AT; driver. Don't have the door code info or VIN. Something to think about, anyway...
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North Carolina = No floors
Chances are what you will find under the car are pop-rivited pannels covering the not-floor. Just my .2 though. I woud'nt buy before I try.

Max Kern
That's a LONG way to go for YAM. : )
Maybe you could recruit a VMF inspector before you go to a lot of long-distance trouble. I know one or three are in NC.
What part of NC? I'm in the Triad area and would check it out for you.
OK, OK, reason is prevailing. I had a feeling that the Atlantic seaboard-type cars could be a problem mainly from listening to all you guys talk about your cars. But if someone from AZ or NM dangles pictures of their sportsroof in front of me like that, I can't be held responsible for my actions! Seriously, though, if anybody in the area (he didn't say which city--just NC) would be interested in the fake Boss for themselves or someone they know, drop me a line with your email and I'll be happy to forward the couple of pictures and info that I have on the car.
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