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Went to this guys house to look at some parts and an old buick, and learned he had a mustang 1/4 panel. Turns out it is an NOS Ford Quarter (out of wrapper) in perfect condition....part number in yellow on back, red oxide primer otherwise. Some spots had been sanded free of oxide, so I sanded it clean again, and might prime it again....but I probably will leave it alone so you can get it just as Ford left it. No dings at all on surface! I will ship, at your cost, any way you prefer, anywhere you want. I am just not building a car that warrants such a nice part, so I am going to use the money from this to buy so other parts I need.

on [censored] as well at /[censored]/ws/[censored]?[censored]&rd=1&category=34204&item=2425592207][censored] Auction for NOS quarter

Search the auction site for listings by "[email protected]"

My Buy it Now price was $450, and I will end the auction for that price
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