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I visited a fellow Mustang owner I met last year at local car shows to see if he had some parts I needed. In his garage he had
8 pony steering wheels hanging from the rafters, all were better or as good as the best on ebay
2 of those ugly, but valuable, illuminated corral grill lights
1 of the mustang hood ornaments on Ebay now for $100+
3 large boxes of new NOS parts in the Ford boxes i.e. parking lights, door handles, etc.
Must have at least 5 full consoles
4 brand new in the box 66 Shelby rims, they are really nice. The boxes say Shelby on them and he claims they are authentic because the valve stem holes are drilled at an angle from the side rather than straight in the repos.
There was more stashed in the corners and on shelves!

I bought pony door panels for $60, a shelby style fiberglass hood ) for $100, windshield mouldings and will deal for more when the IRS check comes in.
i told him to try to sell some of this stash on Ebay and share the wealth.
Thanks Steve

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If he has a 66 shelby hood, point him my way. Mine was "lost" during transport by a trucking company.

You're just jealous because the voices only talk to me!!!
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