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NOS/original vs Reproduction Parts Prices

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Lately I've been looking at the WIDE price differences between NOS/original and Repro parts. For example, the original heater hose with the red stripe for my car is $50 for 8 feet. OR... I could buy a black one for $8. Dual muffler tips with the correct rolled edge are $90 vs $20 for the cut-offs. Anyone got any other examples???


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I try to repair or recondition the original part before buying a reproduction or NOS. I have a thing against NOS in that it's a service replacement part and not the same as what might have come out of the factory. I kind of like doing distributors and smog pumps. Some of these repairs is in keeping with how the first drivers had to do it. Wait until the snow melt and the first train for thatr part or fix it themselves.

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