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NOS/original vs Reproduction Parts Prices

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Lately I've been looking at the WIDE price differences between NOS/original and Repro parts. For example, the original heater hose with the red stripe for my car is $50 for 8 feet. OR... I could buy a black one for $8. Dual muffler tips with the correct rolled edge are $90 vs $20 for the cut-offs. Anyone got any other examples???


68 California Special- Acapulco Blue- Will someone please sell me one Marchal fog lamp lense?
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One of my parts catalogs has complete OEM door for 1965-66 listed. They also have the "high quality" reproductions listed. The OEM is about $2,200 verses $369.95. I would rather repair a known original then spend the money on either options. I have spent good money for some parts where comparing side by side quality and fit, the difference is obvious, I have gone with the OEM. My car will be used for cruise-ins and local shows as well as a driver but I still want it to look as good as financially feasible.
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