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its time to sell again....
1967 Corvette convertible.427/400 HP,4 spd, 4:11 rear
both tops,bolt on wheels am/fm, tel wood wheel and factory head rests
sunfire yellow black leather int with black stinger stripe
also has calif emissions system
33,000 orig miles never wrecked or rusted[frame] 99% correct and orig
needs nothing but a detai to be shown or enjoy`d
i have all the orig documents,window sticker etc,etc
tank sticker still on car,and of course matching # thru out
90K firm
# 2 Car
67 corvette coupe 427/435 L89 car[alum heads]
4 spd, Rallys, 4:11 rear, mulsane blue with Blue int, black stinger stripe
side exhaust,TI ing system no other options
7,890 orig miles, orig engine with alum heads,only incorrect
part is the center carb it is correct but a service replacement with a early
68 Date. orig tires and paint[has had one touch up on drivers door due to me opening
the door on a plastic container
fully documented with all paper work from local dealer,and yes all#s match
$ 125,000 K


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DAMN DAVE! ur going to make a killing off that! put it on ehay and try there possibly too, or try to sell it to 1 of those dealers, man...i bet ull be able to fill a sack w\those bills to make a nice comfy pillow ;)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts