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Not Vintage but need 5.0 engine help

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Sorry that this is not a vintage question, lets pretend that the 5.0 in SWMBOs 94 GT vert is really in my 66. There that makes me feel better.
The engine has been slowly leaking coolant. Today it seemed to be getting worse. It is coming from by the water pump on the front drivers side. I had to remove the power steering pump to get a good look (that wasn't that easy, had to get a special puller to do it).
Anyway the leak is not from the pump, it appears to be from the timing chain cover where it meets the block. Does this make any sense at all??? It just doesn't seem like there should be coolant leaking from there.
In my Haynes manual it says to "make sure to coat the bolt that is in that part of the cover with sealant", would this be to make sure water does not get out some how?
Any advice would be appreciated, I plan to take the water pump and timing chain cover off this weekend.

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The water pump connects to the timing cover. Then the timing cover connects to the block. Coolent runs thru the timing cover where the pump connects. Not sure, but I think the bolt hole goes into the water jacket area. If not then someone might have put a longer bolt in there & busted the inside that seals the bolt hole.

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Cruzer's right. The water pasage to the pump goes through the timing chain cover. There is a seal on the timing chain cover to block, as well as the water pump to timing chain cover. The long bolts that hold the water pump on go through the TCC into the block and must have sealer on them when installed as they break into the water pasage on the front of the block. Have you tried to retorque the bolts?

If the bolts are loose or have lost their seal, you can pull the bolts out one-at-a-time. Clean the threads and put sealer on them and reinstall the bolts. Usaly though if the threads are leaking the coolant will drip out from under the bolt heads at the water pump flange.

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I fits leaking from the cover to the block, FIX IT NOW, before it starts to leak into the block!!

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