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LOL I have a story with mine.

So bought my project Dec 2018 in many pieces. No driveline. When I got it first stuck together and running (limping) around I quickly found it's odometer was shot. It read speed okay. but the tenths would drag the miles along with each revolution. After taking it apart, new cable lubing and re-sticking the little rubix cube digits, and no luck I got a new one from Ebay. Had 3,000 miles on it and it appeared to be a lightly used NOS.

Well, I found out why it was lightly used alright. It would kirk out above 70 and read all over the place. Pulled it and tried various lubes before finally disassembling and lubing it internally with graphite oil. Just for good measure lubed the heck out of the cable too with graphite oil and gear oil. Now it's been about 12,000-13,000 miles and it continues to operate smoothly to this day!

I use the graphite oil on many things now. It really stick and lasts a long time despite not being thick like lithium grease.


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