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NS Switch Wiring...

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Where will I find the pig tails that are under dash for the Neutral Safety Switch on a 65 Coupe. The car originally came with a 3 speed but now is a Automatic. I know I need a wiring harness from the pig tails under dash, through the firewall then to the switch itself.
Next question is for the Shift indicator light. The wiring diagram shows a single wire plugging onto the same lines as the dash lights. Same problem I cannot find the pigtail under dash.

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Go get yourself a wiring diagram for the car. The pigtails are in the harness that runs through the firewall between the steering column and the radio. Dont' remember what color, etc. There is a connection there that breaks the ignition signal to the starter solenoid.

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I checked the wiring dagram from a Haynes manual and the only wires they show are for the back-up lights.

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This may be tricky. Some '65s didn't have the NSS connection tie in built into the main harness. Normally, at the plug in the middle of the firewall is a rew with blue stripe wire that on the interior side had a bullet connection. Pull it apart and you have the tie inplace for one side of the NSS. Now, some '65s didn't have this and inorder for Ford to install an autotrans, they had an intermediate connector which plugs between the dash harness and the engine wiring harness. My previous '65 FB had it but I don't know if this was an early/late thang or a vendor thang. The '66s uses a special plastic connector instead of the rubber bullet connectors.

For your lights, I can't remember if your auto trans dial light goes on when you turn the car on or only when the lights go on - been too long. However, under the dash there is a three hole female plug for dash lights. The plug is red or black rubber and the wire is blue with a red stripe. Find the blue/red wire from the radio and trace it to this plug.

Hope that helps - the mind grows fuzzy when battling a cold.

Dean T

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