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O.K. Fess Up!

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How many of you have been honest when a fellow car enthusiast needs your help?

This morning, a clerk at one of my accounts came up to me and asked if I knew anything about Mustangs? He knew I owned one, and I knew he was a car enthusiast as well. Anyway I told him I knew a little, and asked what was it he wanted to know?

He asked, "What's a K-code?" and "Would $5k be to much for one. He proceeded to tell me a friend of his, is selling his 65 Fastback with 4spd, and a 9" rearend, which runs good and is in good condition, just needs paint. His friend told him that it was a K-code and that he has had it since he was 15.

I wanted to tell him, that was way to much money, and a "K" code is just one step above a 6 cylinder Mustang. And for that kind of money he could buy a much harder to come by "C" code.

But.... then this honesty thing kind of took over, and before I knew it, I had told him to grab it while he can. I did offer him $7500 for it sight unseen, as long as things match up for a real "K" code. But he politely refused.

As we talked some more about mustangs, I found out another friend of his has a 67 "390" fastback that he had completely restored and then lost control of it one day and wrecked it into a center divider. He did say he would find out some more info on it, and get back to me if I'm interested in it. It's not a "k" code but I regret the day I let a 67 GTA "S" code with deluxe interior go. So maybe this might work out after all. Just got to figure out how to tell the SWMBO


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I have a bad case of honesty. I have always told people what I believe the true worth of their cars or parts to be.

I admit it is very hard sometimes but I would hate to be the one to sour somebody on a hobby as great as Mustangs because they feel they got dupped.

I actually had a guy try to give(yes-give) me two '67 floor consoles(one for convenience group), one overhead with woodgrain insert, '68 deluxe dash w/clock, 67 A/C control panel, repro 67 gas cap-excellent, and a few other odds and ends. He wanted to give me this stuff because I had inventoried his shop for him and set aside all parts needed to finish a 68 conv. and a 68 C/S clone. I knew I couldn't live with myself so I gave him $100 and I continue to help him sell parts and work on his cars. He is a great guy that just wants to see people enjoy the items that he has.

Oh yea, he also gave me '67 Convertible shell. In ROUGH shape mind you, but not beyond salvation.

I know a lot of people would not care about that.

JMTC (Just my two cents)
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Your conscience will thank you. If you'd bought that "K" for cheap you may not have been able to really enjoy it. I know I'd feel a bit guilty. Good luck on the 390 & SWMBO - Dickson

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I did the same thing last year with my wife's uncle. He has a 69 S-code Mach 1 that is just sitting in an old chicken house. He asked me how much I thought he could get out of it and I told him the truth. Later I realized that I just screwed myself and put the car out of my reach, unless I sell the coupe. He still has it and has only offered to sell it to me as he knows how much I love Mustangs and that I will take care of it instead of part it out.
He had a guy(relative) wanting to buy it. The guy told me that he wanted to pull the motor and tranny to put in a 66 coupe and sell the rest for scrap. I immediately called the uncle and let him know about the plans and he was not happy about it.

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A few years ago, I heard of somebody selling a regular coupe that someone suspected was actually a '64½ Pace Car. At their request, I went to confirm it without telling the unsuspecting owner what they really had. It was genuine, and I had to keep from telling the owner because the potential buyer wanted to low-ball it. I thought about grabbing it for myself, but I was too deep into my current Pace Car to afford it. I think they were asking $3500; needed work, but solid foundation since it was an original DSO 71 (Los Angeles) car.

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i get the feeling that this guy was jerking your chain.

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4 Reasons that honesty is always the best policy.

1) You never have to remember who you told what
2) The guy probably knows where you live
3) What goes around comes around
4) You sleep better at night

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Hey Charles, I've known this guy for a while, and I tend to think he's on the up and up, he hasn't been the type that tells tall tales. Plus from our past conversations, he has limited knowledge on cars and I could tell he has no preferences on makes or models, just as long as it is a classic.

All I can do is wait and see if he comes through with information on the 67 fastback as he said he would. I guess you can say, for the first time ever, I hope your wrong and I'm right /forums/images/icons/wink.gif


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You all are right, Honesty is the best policy, but man does it have to hurt so much! /forums/images/icons/crazy.gif I've got a friend, who's brother doesn't have a honest bone in his body. He's not a bad kid, and he's not the type that goes around robbing convienent stores, but when I see him driving porsches and going to Arizona for the weekend to play golf, and with him being a full time law student, I know he doesn't make much money, at least above the table. He's just always making deals and lowballing people to get what he wants. I'm sure one day he'll get stuck, but it hasn't happened yet.


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Please don't think I'm a bad person but about 8 years ago a guy came into my shop and asked me if I wanted a set of heads that he had in the back of his truck. This is the honest to God's truth I swear on my kid's eyes, The guy had a complete set of rusty,dirty,Black Widow ridden 65 289 Hi-Po cylinder heads. He was just going to give them to me,but I just couldn't do it. I offered him the last $40.00 I had in my pocket and he tried to decline it,but I insisted that he take it and he finally agreed. However about two years later another guy came in with a set of brand new in the Ford boxes 428 CJ heads. Unfortunately the boxes got wet at one time and were completely ruined. One of the heads was pretty rusty and the other in great shape as it was wrapped in a plastic bag where the other was not. He said he was cleaning out his garage and wanted to get rid of them. He's a Chevy guy so he said they were of no use to him, and he knew I was a Ford nut and so figured I would put them to use. I still have both sets of heads the 289's ended up on my circle tracker and the 428's are waiting for me to decide what to put them on. I know everyone is going to think this story is a little hard to believe, but it's all true every word.

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