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I did the same thing last year with my wife's uncle. He has a 69 S-code Mach 1 that is just sitting in an old chicken house. He asked me how much I thought he could get out of it and I told him the truth. Later I realized that I just screwed myself and put the car out of my reach, unless I sell the coupe. He still has it and has only offered to sell it to me as he knows how much I love Mustangs and that I will take care of it instead of part it out.
He had a guy(relative) wanting to buy it. The guy told me that he wanted to pull the motor and tranny to put in a 66 coupe and sell the rest for scrap. I immediately called the uncle and let him know about the plans and he was not happy about it.

64 1/2 Coupe

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1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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