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O.K., who's using KYB's?

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I need to get shocks for my 66. Edelbrocks are out of the budget. I'll be using stock springs for now, I'm going to relocat the upper arms and drop the car 1". In the future, as far as springs are concerned, I won't be going too much stiffer, only slightly. Also I'll be using a 1" front bar too. This car will be a street driving car.

How are the high pressure KYB's are they too stiff? I see that they also have a low pressure version too. With the stock springs, I don't mind a stiffer ride. I mostly want it to have good road manners.

So what do you think about your KYB's? TIA.

Oh, one last thing. I have a straight strut bar and I'll be using a export brace too. 1st, one thing at a time.
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I put on KYB's 10 years ago. The ride is just fine
Some people complain the KYB's are too stiff. Personally, I really like them alot. Wouldn't want them any softer.
I think they are one of the best bang-for-the-buck out there for our cars.

You'll like the monte carlo car (straight bar) and export brace too. They really help keep the front end together.
Thanks. Someday I'd love to try an opentrack event. Dinosawnj lives about 5 miles from me, I'll have to go with him someday!
I have KYB's. They were on the car when I bought it so I can't speak for how they changed the ride.

If you plan on doing open track, get them. If money wasn't an issue, I'd say get Koni's or Spax...
I have KYB's on the front end of the car and are supporting the body sence the springs are almost shot. And the car still rides pritty well.
i have been using kybs for about 6 yrs they ride just fine.regards javed
I might call them a bit harsh. I have Edelbrocks on another car and like them much better - as you say though, they're pricier.
I use KYB's on both cars, transformed the ride, excellent.
I have the KYBs on the Fastback. I wanted a stiff suspension and I got it; however, I think its probably due more to the 5 leaf rear springs (Canadian Mustang) and the 620s (Branda) up front than the shocks.
I'm using the Cheaper Low Pressure shocks from KYB. I definitely like the ride. Although I have the 620's and 5 leafs, it's not as harsh as I would have thought. I'm not sure how the high pressure shocks would be, but I'm happy with the ride of the low pressure. Handles well, but not harsh for my daily drive.
Me too, Me too! I have a set of four. Love them. One day, I will upgrade to Koni's...
Had them a little over a year. Like them. A little stiff, but I keep it on smooth streets anyway.
I had KYB GR-2's on my car and loved them until... Then I did the Shelby 1" drop and the ride was horrible. It was pretty rough and I heard alot of clunking from the front. I switched to the Edlebrocks and now everything is great!

You might consider Gabriel adjustables. They are close to the high pressure KYB price but might give you a better ride. Sacto. Mustang $110 Mustang Plus $130
I put on the KYB's and they were too stiff for the roads I drive- country and twisty, but can be rough. I agree with Marco, the Gabriel adjustables are the best in the price range. I have Edlebrocks, and like them a lot, but I had Gabriel's on before that, and subjectively the Edlebrocks are only a small improvement.
I like them on my 65 'vert. I would by them again.
I got KYB's Gas shocks on my 68 FB GT.
Also front and rear sway bars and 4-leaf springs.
Ride is kinda hard but I like it.
I've had mine for about 5 years/20K miles. I like thm. Ride is a bit stiff, perfect for the car I want, but if I had to drive it to work everyday I might go with something a little softer.
I've been using them since about 1980 and have been satisfied to the point that they are still on my Mustang. They seem to give a solid feel to the car, not particularly hard as some have stated. Hard to me is the stock suspension on a '57 'Bird../forums/images/icons/frown.gif
I have them, ride is just fine....Perfect for an open track/street car. 1/4 the price of Koni's.
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