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O/T anyone have a F150 w/5.4 ?

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I'm thinking of buying a 97 with 46000 miles. Is this a good motor, any problems? I've heard stories of piston slap.
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I have a 99 with 30,000 and haven’t had a problem yet. I’ve been hearing a lot about the spark plug wires and the doors cracking around the frame of the window but haven’t seen or heard from anyone I know personally that has had these problems. It’s a nice truck and fun to drive!

I’ll email you with a Ford truck forum that I found when I get home. It deals with only Ford trucks and has a lot of stuff on it.

I didn't see your email so I'll try to give you a link!
I have a 97 with the Triton 5.4. It is my company truck, I do not work on it personally.

I have owned it since new, it has 160,000 on the body. The first engine broke a rod at aprox 130,000 miles. I never had any problems proir, with that engine. I had it repaced w\ another 97 out of a wrecked truck w\ 18K miles. I have had a steady problem with missing.

It did develop stress cracks around the front windows early on. I do drive on terrible dirt roads daily, and thought that was the main contributer.

I work the truck hard with projects around my mini farm. It is not uncommon for me to load 3000+ lbs in my 1/2 ton short box. (had 3360 lbs gravel in it on saturday) I have had no problems with any other aspects of the truck. I have another one on order. This time a F250.

My partner, the Chevy truck guy, has had problems with the last three he has had. One diesel only lasted 10k miles.

Hope this helps some.
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You might want to check out . Lots of good information over there.
I bought my 97 new and have over 60k on it. No problems with the beast. Runs great.
Thanks everyone, for the links and info.
I have a '97 Expedition with the 5.4. It does have the piston slap right after it starts but it goes away. It's got 118k miles on it and I think it's a nice motor (good power). When I got it it did have "the miss". I ran the codes and it said it needed the #5 coilpack. Of course it was all the way in back (under the windshield) after $20 and an hour it was fixed.
Piston slap is common on these motors. My service manager's Expedition has had noise since brand new. Ford says don't worry about it.
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