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O/T Arizona Fires

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The "Rodeo" fire has burned over 60,000 acres so far and is approaching Show Low, Arizona. It started late Tuesday afternoon, and grew to 300 acres by early Wednesday. The fire is human caused.

Well, as if this isn't bad enough, about 50 miles away, south of Heber, a lost hiker lit a signal fire and it got out of control, and has already moved over a 4 mile area. I can't believe people can be so careless. I hope there is something left of our forests before this is all over with.

I live in Phoenix, myself, but I just feel so badly for these people. There's nothing we can do, and it's just frustrating. My parents just bought a piece of land close to the area (in Pinetop) where they were going to build the cabin they've always dreamed of. They're pretty upset about that, but mostly for all of the people they've gotten to know up there who may very well lose their homes.
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It's really bad, that area around Show Low is so beautiful. I have a crew working along the Mexico border right now and they can't finish the job because the last 7 miles is on forest land. No vehicles are being allowed in due to the fire danger.
I think between the Arizona fires, the big one (and another smaller one) in Colorado and a good 4-5 fires in California (who can forget seeing the wings snap off that C130 dropping on the Cannon fire), it's safe to say the West is pretty much on fire right now.

The was a big fire in the Warners just south of where I'm looking for property (northeastern CA) last year, so we're keeping our fingers crossed....hate to see all that beautiful forest fried up but I guess nature has its ways...

Stay safe!
my brother lives 14 miles from the fire and has been told to be ready to evacuate.
Hope everything ends up o.k. for your brother. I'm sorry to hear that.
My parents left Pinetop this AM and just made it through Heber/Overgard before they closed the highway.
I live near some of the California stuff, not too close though. The canyon west of us burned last week. Friday was a "no sun" day here. Since I live in the desert, we can't burn here, but it does get close occasionally.

I also get by Tucson regularly and was there when Mt Lemmon went up. I'm afraid that we have just hit the tip of this iceberg. I don't think the official fire season has even started yet.
They're still planning on shooting off the fireworks on "A" Mountain in Tucson on the Fourth of July. I sure hope they soak the mountain good first otherwise we'll have another type of fire(works).
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