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Oh...Huskanhano, I hate to be the one to pop the little balloon of your fairy tale...but...Methane isn't poisonous. It isn't even toxic. The only way Methane can kill you is if it displaces all of the oxygen in the atmosphere you're breathing. Since it weighs about 60% as much as the surrounding air, it rises straight up. This means someone laying in a bed would not be exposed to the methane for longer then it would take to get out from under the covers and start peeling the stucko off the ceiling. Oh...wait...methane doesn't do that either.

To make this urban legend really believable you should rewrite it so that somehow a spark comes into play and the whole house blows up. Investigators from the local gas company arrive to survey the damage, confirming by the evidence from the bulging walls of the bedroom, and associated charring, that a low order explosion has occured and methane is the obvious culprit. To which the man, who has survived the fiery blast through some miracle replies, "But that can't be ya see, cause my house is total electric!" And then he rips off another one, which lights off off the still hot smoldering embers, and blows him completely through a plate glass window (which also survived the original explosion), and out onto the street, where he is run over by a guy in a Mustang and killed.

The advantages of this version are:

1. It meets with the laws of physics.
2. It's on topic.


1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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