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in nothern minnesota. lots of miss. parts, w/ 2 complete cars. you can view the sale bill at
i had to do a search for collector car to find it. its on july 30 at argyle, minn. its a small town so things should go cheap compared to big city and cali. prices. just thought there may be some model t and a guys that would like to see this.

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Actually the Ts and As are going quite cheap! I went to a Krause action last year where a beutiful 31 A roadster with EVERYTHING, dual spares, rumble seat etc went for 8,000. It was perfect!

A perfect T stakebed truck went for 6,000. It had 30,000 in receipts from the restorations.

This does not apply to hotrods. Just the mostly original cars. The folks who really wanted one because they saw them as a kid or dreamed of one either already have had one or are dead.

It will happen to our cars a few years from now too. How interested will I be in 40 years in a 1966 Mustang when I am close to 90?

I'll bet I won't be looking for a house in a neighborhood with good schools either!
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