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O/T Need Help With a NonVintage Stang

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I'm posting this for a friend of mine--he has an 84 SVO Mustang (also a 66 Shelby, so there's a vintage connection) and is desperately trying to find the two bolts that hold the Hurst shifter together. Ford no longer carries them and because they're apparently an odd size, he has had no luck at all. The bolts broke and he can't drive the car until the shifter is fixed. The bolts are the same for the 84-86 models, BTW.

If anyone has any they can spare or knows of a source for them, I'd really appreciate knowing about it. Thanks!
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Tell him to give The Nutty Company a try. These guys are in CT and carry every nut and bolt ever made it seems. If it's not listed on the site they usually still have it or can get it.
I am pretty sure they are the same on all of the T5 trannys. He should take a look. The on on the Turbo Coupe trans looked the same as the original T5 shifter.
Laurie -
The original SVO Hurst shifter had a rubber isolator and two shouldered bolts. I have picked up shouldered bolts for the Hurst (non-SVO) at Steeda, IIRC, but I'm not sure if they fit the original SVO Hurst quadrant. I can pull my original out of storage (I'm running an after market Hurst now) and have a look vs other OEM and aftermarket shifters I have. It will be tonight, after work if you still need a better answer. HTH - Jim

BTW, with the scarcity and prices of SVO parts, and it's advancing age, the SVO is not vintage but certainly a corking worth keeping.
Thanks, I would appreciate it if you can check on it when you have a chance. This car is definitely a keeper for him, it's still in great shape and he is the original owner. This is the second time he's broken the shifter, however, so we've told him he has to start practicing the gentle touch. /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif
OK, I'll check when I get home.
OK, I'm home now and have both the stock SVO Hurst shifter/quadrant and a 86 World Class T-5 shifter/quadrant as found in the 5.0 GT. The Hurst quadrant is taller with a shorter throw, the lever arm is also a little shorter. As I remembered, the bolts are different even though either shift handle could be bolted to the Hurst quadrant. The bolts are shouldered and marked with "9.8 M" on the 15 mm hex head. The shoulder is .885" long and .380" in diameter. The key here is that the Hurst/SVO isolator (that attaches the shift handle and the quadrant) is designed to have these shouldered bolts with less rubber between the metal pieces. The stock T-5 has metal collars that are .440" diameter in the rubber isolator and thinner bolts instead of the shouldered bolts. Both sets of bolts have the same thread and shift handles both have the same center-to-center distance, so that either shift handle can work with either quadrant. If the original SVO/Hurst bolts are broken then maybe the standard bolts and separate collars could be made to work OK if the collars are turned down from .440" to .380" diameter.

Also, Steeda makes Hurst adapter bushings and steel shifter bushings for standard T-5s so you might give them a call. I use their Hurst adapter bushings on my T-5 with Hurst (Non SVO) quadrant and standard handle. - HTH, Jim
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