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I'm posting this from a friend's computer as my mine went goofy after last weekend's VMF meltdown, so I don't know if I'll be able to actually respond later.

His truck (1997 F150, 4.2 liter 6 cyl.) ran poorly one day and wouldn't start two days later. It had bad hesitation on acceleration up to about 20 mph. About a mile from home the check engine light came on. This was after he had replaced the fuel filter but that doesn't look like the problem.

I initially considered a bad fuel pump when he described the conditions but the fuel rail seems to have good pressure, as the shrader valve will spew gas when pressed. He rented a code reader and it reads 0 - no codes have been set.

When I sprayed starting fluid into the throttle body the truck fired right up, albeit with a slight miss, which leads me to believe that the problem lies beyond the fuel pump.

Any ideas of what to check next?
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