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O/T-Pictures of Ethan Phillip, Mom & Dad!!!! (BIG)

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Here is some picutes of us from yesterday!!! Many Thanks for TFOB's for hosting them for your enjoyment!!! Thank you to all of you for your kind words and encouragement!!!!
Jeff & Traci
JDiehl 70 76B Convert 351 C4v w/a shaker!!!!!
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Looks great Jeff. Traci looks like she is doing just FIne. Is your chest getting so big it's getting hard to go through the doors!!!!!

Er... he wasn't named for the actor on Star Trek: Voyager, was he? No, wait, that was Ethan Phillips, never mind.

Ahhhhh....he's beautiful..a regular little Yankee Doodle Dandy..even though a day early..CONGRATS to you and Mom again..*S*
What a great looking family!!! Congrats Take care of them.
Hey he's much better looking than the old man standing next to him! *LOL* Cherish the moments! They grow up fast!!!!
What a good-looking kid!!!! You two look so proud and happy - just the way it should be.

Enjoy the last remnants of sleep!
Congratulations! Now I know that I am not the only guy in America who does not get any sleep.

Congratulation, now you'll have no sleep.
Very handsome family.

Good work and congratulations again.
Congrats, Mom and Dad! Everyone looks fabulous. Welcome to the VMF family, Ethan!
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