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O/T: poll: other 60's/70's cars you'd like?

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My one-off poll:

What other muscle/pony/classic cars would you like? Or, what have you owned, and how did it compare to a Mustang?

For me, two stand out:

'65/66 Pontiac GTO: Until i seen one in person i thought they looked 'boxy', until one shot past me at about 90.

71-73 Plymouth 'Cuda: that other pony car. It's the body style mostly, i think its very smooth and looks great but the pricetag on even the most basic one would put an end to that dream!


(Although i'll NEVER sacrifice the 'stang to buy one /forums/images/icons/wink.gif)
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I like:
1/ early GTO's
2/ 70-72 Olds 442 W30
3/ 70/71 Buick GS 455 Stage 1
4/ early Buick Riviera's
5/ Sunbeam Tigers
6/ early AMC AMX's
Other muscle cars? Hmmm. I think in that arena I'm a one-horse man.

However, I am a fan of the old Karman Ghias. I kinda like the old Corvair as well.

I've never driven either of these, and I'm probably not going to be buying one any time soon, but for sheer visual appeal, I've always liked both of these. But then, I like odd things. Sometimes the uglier the better.
In no particular order;

'69 RoadRunner or SuperBee
'66 GTO
'69 GTO "Judge"
'69 Camaro (I know...) RS/SS
Sunbeam Tiger
AC Cobra 427
...and many others too numerous to list

I am not a purist by a long shot. Basically, I just love cars.
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My first choice would be '71 Cuda with Hemi and shaker but the price is way up. This one stand out because I like its front grill. Other one with an unique look, either '69 Dodge Charger Daytona and '70 Plymouth Superbird. Sometimes it's hard to choose one beside Mustang during the '69 to '71.
Seeing as I'm in my mid 40's I've had just about everything I wanted, 455 '68 Hurst Olds, 440 Challenger drop top, 3 '70 Cyclone Spoilers, a GT-350, '86 SVO, tons of GM stuff, about a half dozen old trucks, a '40 vert, even a sad old Boss 9! Would like to own a T-bolt someday, guess it's too late for that! I still have a couple of these things including 5 'Stangs. It pays to marry well LOL
Oh, this is very tough one to answer. Ford, GM, Chrysler & AMC all had some fantastic cars.

One off hand, would be a 70 AMC SC360 Hornet. AMC's from 70 on had really good heads that flowed big time, better then Chevies. How many do you see on the street? And they handled well too. Also anouther pick, a 70 Buick 455 Skylark, wonderfull lines, a big 455 cu. in. engine that weighs less then a small block Chevy
'66 GTO, '63 split-window Corvette, and mid-50s Mercurys (Mercuries?). Mustangs get all the style points, though.

I have to say the '63 (I think) split-wind corvette, '69 charger, '74 cutlass (my father had one when I was a kid) and a '87-'88 monte carlo ss. I think thats it...uh....uh...gimme a minute...
it would have to be a 1969 authenic GTX with a 440 magnum, 426 hemi 4 speed and a 410 Dana rearend all factory stock...
My faves:

71 Torino sportsroof
71 GTO
69 Firebird Formula
71 Firebird Trans Am
66 Fairlaine Convertible
71 AAR Cuda/ T/A Challenger

I would like any or all of the abouve since I am a certified car nut.
Almost too many to list

71 440 cuda
Super Bee
69 Camero Z-28
Amx Javlelin
340 Duster
70 Eliminator
65 Chevelle
and finally 72 Blown Vista Cruiser wagon
'71 hemi 'cuda convertible. Only a couple in existence. One sold at auction a couple years ago for over $300K. Gimme one of them and I'd sell the sucker to buy a whole fleet of classic Stangs (and a garage to put them all in!).
68/70 amx
71 440 cuda
66 gto
68 charger
70 gto
72 firebird 455ho
69 plymouth roadrunner
69 copo camaro 427

hell i like all musclecars fullstop. i have owned all of these cars at one time or another apart from a copo camaro im just a car nut.last yr i ran a 68 440 charger it was awesome.regards javed
1) 1965/66 Shelby GT-350
2) 1969 R code Mach 1
3) 1969/70 BOSS 302
4) 1969 BOSS 429
5) 1966 AC Cobra 427
6) 1971 Hemi Cuda
7) 1967 Corvette roadster (427 w/ three deuces)

Any of those would be a pleasure to own and drive, but the Shelby has to be the one I would pursue the hardest. The first Mustang I ever saw and loved was a '66 Hertz Rent-A-Racer.....still remember that car. Cheers!
Owned - 63 Impala - 409 - only car that truly scared me.
Owned - 65 Impala - 427 - fast
Owned - 60, 62, 63 Austin Healey 3000s - beautifull. Wife knew right off the gitgo what
she was in for when I picked her up in the 60.

Cars I covet - a real 289 Cobra, another big Healey, 56 Crown Vic.

Found the Vic, now just gotta figure out how to win the lottery.
69 Trans Am, Convertible
69 Trans Am, Ram Air IV
67 L71 Roadster
63 Z06 Big Tank Coupe
69 L71 Baldwin Motion Vert
All time favorite and dream classic:

53 Corvette
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