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As a kid I never enjoyed going back to school in the fall. Sure I liked the new clothes, shoes, and school supplies. But I never liked sitting in that class room while someone lectured me for hours on end about some boring subject. Of course that all changed when I started college, but I still didn't enjoy taking classes. I was there for the entertaiment factor.

Anyway, it's back-to-school across the country. Assuming school hasn't started earlier (but that's in normal states, not in VA).

So with all the increased traffic, slow school buses, kids running around like crazy, one might think I'm here to complain about school being back in session. Or you might be like other parents out there that are exciting about getting rid of their kids during the day.

Not me. I'm just happy SWMBO is out of my hair for the day. Oh, and there's all the hard work she does teaching future generations. I guess that's good too.
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