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So here I sit, chalupa in hand (for those of you not from around here, that's a taco/burrito contraption I'm convinced was invented by the mexican fast food industry, rather than someone's grandma living down in Guadalajara), instead of the usual Sunday night dinner, because the little woman opted to run down to get together with her mom and sister this evening. This was, of course, done fully with my blessings, as:
A. nice as they are, I really had no interest in sitting in on their little squawk-fest!
B. it gives me a little free time to sit and reflect on what was a pretty great day.
I got up early, did some yard work, then some last minute polishing on "Francesca". We then headed out to an early movie and lunch, which we always enjoy. The capper of the day, however, was a Show-n-Shine in the parking lot of Bob's Big Boy restaurant (what passes for haute cuisine in our little berg). Not a big crowd, but some great cars, and most of all, regardless of the marques represented, a nice big group of like-minded people.
The patriotic theme for the day was heavily accented by thoughts and homages to those "in harm's way" in Iraq. Unfortunately, a local woman had recently lost her son over there. I can just about guarantee that even an Al-Queda member would have walked away from this get-together as a proud American convert.
The "Inland Empire" area of southern California where I live, is, by nature, radically Chevy-biased. As such, out of just a small handful of Fords in attendance, there were only three Mustangs; my '66 coupe, a fairly nice Moon-capped Sunlight Yellow '65 fastback, and way off to the side, a rather rough Light Blue '66 coupe that was for sale. From 30 ft. away, it looked like it MIGHT be worth the $5300 asking price, but up close, all I could think was 'why didn't he even WASH it??' Maybe he was hoping the dirt would hide some of the many crackling bondo crevices!
Regardless, even though it'd be nice to have more Mustang guys to shoot the sh...uh, breeze with, sometimes I kind of enjoy the attention the car gets BECAUSE there aren't many around here! Anyway, the show was only three hours long, so afterward my wife headed to her mom's, and Francesca and I set out for Oak Glen for a little "quality time".
Oak Glen is a beautiful area in the foothills just above my home full of apple orchards, ma-and-pa restaurants, and kitchy tourist shops. However, its biggest draw (to me, that is) is the tight, flowing, curvy mountain two-lane road that snakes through it. Having finally gotten her steering problem together, and a pretty accurate alignment performed, I was eager to see how she felt. I can only say I was not disappointed. Carefully hanging the tail out on the deserted hairpins with the sun slowly setting off to the west and (seemingly) far below, is the closet thing I can think of to nirvana!
Home again, home again, jiggedy jig. Another great day. And yet again, (second only to my family, of course), my Mustang makes life seem grand, survivable and very, very, sweet...

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That last part brought tears to my eyes :D Sounds like fun.

Yesterday, a couple of friends and I cruised from L.A. to Santa Monica and then took PCH all the way to Malibu at sunset. Even though the sky was full of smog/fog it was still a beatiful view. It was the first time I had gone that far up PCH, and let me tell you, it was tiring, but QUITE WORTH IT!
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