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Local papers are all over the place in the Chicago area, but from
what I know, this has mostly been a 2 or 3 newspaper area for many years.

Nowadays, we have the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun-Times, and to a lesser
extend the Daily Herald.

30-40 years ago, the big 3 were the Tribune, Sun-Times and the Chicago Daily News.

The bigger papers have pretty good local coverage, usually having a local
section that is different depending on where it is sold or delivered.


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That would be "Dolton"
The news papers would be "The Star" which used to be printed in Chicago Heights, since moved to Orland or Orland Park.
"The Times" AKA Hammond Times used to be printed in downtown Hammond, they have moved to Munster In.
Ah, my lovely wife went to Thornridge/Thornwood high school. Anything particular you want to know?
email me.
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