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O/TNeed Mechanic help with Mitsubishi.O/T

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I know, I know......I have looked and posted on other forums for my answer but recieved no respones. Sorry

I have aquirred a 1992 Mitsi Diamante that I need to sell....Quick!

It has one big issue though.......It rarely wants to start and completely dies at any random time. When it runs it runs great.

Here is what happens, When it's hot outside and the car is cold it takes 10 to 20 minutes to get it to run. It does this after sitting for enough time for it to cool down.. Like I said it runs great when it fires but out of the blue the tach drops and thats all she wrote......for no reason at all......NO sput, spatter, surge. No bumps, or corners. It just dies.

This problem is completely will be fine for a day and the next nothing but trouble.......

The computer brain was rebuilt two months ago and was ok for a few weeks so I don't know if it has gone bad again or it's somthing else. The engine light does Not come on at any time so I don't know if it will save any codes. I always thought if the computer was saving codes the check light would come on......Am I correct????

I thought it may be the fuel pump because it has the symtoms of a bad pump but today I had my brother turn the key while I wiggled things. The Verdict is there is absolutly Zero Spark.......The plugs, wires, cap and rotor are new so they are not the problem.

So now I'm really lost, the chilton tells me nothing. Should I take the brain out and have it tested???? Can "they" do such a test?

Any Ideas would be great, I need to sell this POS

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Sounds like a faulty coil. They often fluctuate functional ability in different temperatures. Try replacing the coil and see if this fixes your problem. I'm no Mitsubishi mechanic, but generally, the coil causes the problems you described.

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