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I am told that my new engine may "ping" slightly when under hard acceleration because of the increased compression (should be about 10:1 or 10.5:1 at the most).

I can get as high as 94 Octane at one particular gas station but what if I'm driving around and that gas station is not available?

My question is.....I think I would rather run regular pump gas (that I can get anywhere) and add an octaine booster.

How do I do that? How much Octaine do I add to the gas tank? Do I have to be exact?

I'd feel better with a trunk full of Octaine boost then trying to find that one particular gas Station each time (Sunoco).

Any feedback is welcomed.

Thanks, Greg.

I suggest keeping an extra bottle or two of octaine boost in your trunk or glove box just in case.

Where I live (Wisconsin) we sell, 120 octaine leaded fuel at the local pump because Slinger speedway is only a few miles away, which is nice...

In my opinion, take the 94 octaine or higher fuel when you can, use the octaine boost when no other option.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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