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I looked up the specs for the "A" code 289 on the site (great site!) and read the following about it's octane requirements.

"premium. . . The federal government standard for a specific grade of gasoline, set relative to its octane number. Through model-year 1965, "premium" fuel was not less than 99.0 octane. For 1966, this was revised upward to 99.8 octane."

Now I know that hp numbers were calculated differently back then, how about octane numbers? Did stock factory cars require almost 100 octane out the door back then? Should I be mixing in a bit of airplane fuel when I fill up?

John Harvey

1965 "A" Code Convertible. "298" V-8 (It is way overbored), balanced, decked, milled, forged pistons and rods, high torque cam, toploader 4 speed, red with a white top (glass window), and a white interior with black appointments.
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