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Hey guys...still working on Project Overdrive

Today the used driveshaft/tranny yoke assembly arrived from Mustang Parts Specialties that I ordered earlier this week. $20. CHA CHING!/forums/images/icons/smile.gif Ohhh....they charged me 19.95 shipping too /forums/images/icons/frown.gif. Anyway I checked and the tranny yoke is correct (the one for the big tailshaft housing) that gives me a start. When I get everything in, I guess I'll take it somewhere and have it cut to the proper length and have them get the right set up for my stock u-joints on the other end.

Then my attention turned back to the used '98 shifter I'm playing with. It has an OD cancel button to go along with 1 2 & D settings. I checked the Baumann wiring schematic and lo and behold there is wiring for the OD cancel switch. You can set it up two ways, as a momentary contact or a toggle switch. There's also a 12V out that goes to a OD cancel lamp or an LED...Looks like I'll be headed to radio shack sometime.

Reading farther into the manual I find another feature thats just COOLER THAN ALL GETOUT...the Baumann Box accepts 2 completely seperate programmed operating modes (you do your own set ups via a serial port, pc and supplied software) you can set up a putt around town mode and a performance mode, and toggle a switch to tell the TCS what you want to be doing.

There's even a "manutronic" option for switching gears via a momentary toggle switch. I can see no useful reason to wire that up...unless someone can tell me why I'd want it.

SO...I need a spot for two switches and two LEDs. What would be fantastic, would be to wire the OD cancel to the dummy button on the side of my Scott Drake reproduction shifter lever (passenger side/non original button). However, if I'm remembering that shifter lever right, there's no room for the wires (look to be about 18 gauge) I don't think that will work.

I could put them in the console...but that would mean drilling my original long plate I just spent hours refurbishing. I could mount them in my saddle console...but that seems a bit rinky dink to me. I could drill my dash and mount them there. Maybe even put the led's in the Speedometer housing somewhere.

Then I've got this stupid idea....I COULD jerk that crappy aftermarket AM/FM radio, fix the 1/4 holes PO drilled for the later style control shafts, and mount a custom designed radio delete plate with toggles and lights. Would that look good or just stupid as can be?

I'm also thinking I'll probably mount the TCS inside the console compartment (non-AC style). It's pretty small...and that would protect it pretty good, hide it, and still give easy access to the data port.

Ohhh...I also ordered my TPS today. $51 at the local parts place. As long as the nickles and dimes are less than $100 I'm doing great. I'm trying to avoid 2 or 3 $300 surprises in this project...which would make it more money than it's worth.

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