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Today, for the third time, I have had an odd problem with my steering. When turning the wheel left, I lost a big chunk of my steering radius. Turns right fine. While parked in some loose dirt, I grabbed ahold of the wheel and pulled it left, into the correct position and everything is now fine. I really need to solve this, as I am heading off on a cross country trip. HELP
This started after having the frame rail reinforced and a new bracket for the p/s cylinder fabricated. Have replaced the cylinder, p/s control valve, drag link, etc. Any suggestions???


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It sounds like either your PS control valve or the cylinder is leaking down when you turn left. The cylinder is a double acting hydraulic cylinder. Pressure on one side of the piston turns left, pressure on the other side turns right. The system is also self-purging, so I don't think it's a problem with air in the system. I'm not familiar enough with the system to give you any good failure analysis hints. It doesn't sound like a safe condition for any kind of trip- hopefully you'll get some more knowledgable posts.

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Jack up the front end, turn the wheels all the way to the right, now count the revolutions it takes to turn the wheel all the way to the left.... Turn the wheel exactly half that number the other way.... Your steering box is centered, your wheels should be pointed straight ahead. If this is not the case, carry the car to a front end shop and have the wheels centered.

The steering box is designed to have no slop in the centered position, if off center, you probably have excessive play in the steering wheel.

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