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odometer runs backwards

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i recently bought a fully restored 1967 Mustang convertible and am shaking the bugs out to make it a daily driver. I filled the gas tank up to check what sort of mileage i was getting out of the 298 and when i looked at the odometer i noticed the miles were counting down instead of up. The speedometer seems to work correct speed and the miles seem counting distance correctly only in the wrong direction.

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That's very odd. Can't even begin to imagine what could cause that!

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This post mentioned "correct rotation". Maybe you got the wrong rotation speedo gears? I would think if you did the speedo wouldn't work right. Just a thought.

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There may be a few things that are causeing this, It is possible that the tail shaft on your trany is not correct for the car, speedo cable going in at the wrong possition, either above or below the output shaft. Just a guess! The other could be, has someone at one time put cruise control on the car, pull the cruise off and just put a single speedo line on the car and see if that makes a difference. And the third possibility, has the speedo head been apart to change the mileage or I mean to clean it, it may of been put together incorrectly, this is probably the reason, because you said only the odometer reads backwards and not the needle that shows the speed of the car.
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Viewing about 4 years of posts,I reckon this is a first!Can't help you with the problem but I'll be very interested to see how you go!Good luck.

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Maybe you have a marine engine that rotates backwards. Or maybe it just posesed.

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You have bought the Ford Christine. I had a car one time.....don't remeber the make, that would register the speed in reverse. My guess is that the speedo cable is on the underside like one of the previous posts suggest, but the speedometer is still registering (ie it thinks your doing that fast in reverse). If all else fails, put on some oldies, and wait for your car to attack you.
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That is strange. If I understand, the speedo works? That means the cable is turning the right direction. So if the odometer is counting down then somehow someone must have replaced the odometer part of the speedo with the wrong one from another car. That's my guess. If the cable was turning backwards the speed would be pegged at zero trying to go negative mph. Odd thing to have.....


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you werent driving the car backwards at the time were you?
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