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My car does this thing were it sounds like a spark plug wire came of and it has absolutly no power. I posted this same qusition a while ago but still have not got it fixed. sometimes when you have it in netural and rev it a little it will go away but just recently it does not go away. Now when in netural it still does and it will barly take off.


Thanks John
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I am assuming that you have a 6 cyl engine in the car still? I had a similar problem with a Maverick I used to own with a 200 6 cyl, and I tried everything from new coil,distributor,wires, plugs, and the carbuerator and came to find out that one of my rocker arms had jumped off of the pushrod. It might be worth it to pop the valve cover off and take a look. I'm not sure what caused it to happen but I put in a new pushrod and retorqued the rocker assembly and it ran great and was still running great after I sold it. I hope this helps you out. Scott

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