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Off To Pensacola--See Ya!

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We're leaving for the Pensacola show in the morning and are planning to get there late Thursday. I'm taking my laptop and will try and keep in touch, but I've never used it on the road before. Start chilling that beer, Midlife!

I love it when a plan comes together!

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5 days of driving (10 if you include the return trip?) for a Stang show! You're hard core Laurie!

I'm looking forward to meeting you and Murphy on Sunday!

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Good luck! Have a safe trip and a good time! And don't do what I did once and drive until you start seeing bushes in the middle of the road and driving through tunnels that aren't there.

Dean T

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The first mind trick that happens to me is the deer crossing signs with the leaping deer on them actually turn into a deer and jump in front of me.

Once I thought a patch of fog was a white brick wall, like the Pink Floyd album cover, and I locked up the brakes trying not to hit it. In my mind I thought someone filled an overpass with bricks.

It only seems to happen around 4 AM on a deserted road after being up about 24 hours straight. No, I wasn't under the influence of anything!
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Are you driving Murphy? Hope to meet ya there.

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