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To ANYONE--- I had to take my 67 coupe out of storage because I have to NOW use it to get to and from work every day. My 1988 chevy Celebrity 2.8 litre Station wagon is OVER HEATING and it is driving me nuts.. It is NOT the Thermostat. But the radiator only goes HALF empty because WATER is coming OUT somewhere on the block. My brother thinks it could be the FREEZE PLUGS that are located Half Way up on the block and THAT is why I still have HALF the Raditor filled. Even When I fill UP the radiator- It will quickly EMPTY to half way. WHERE on the engine can I find FREEZE PLUGS on this DAMN 1988 2.8 litre engine from GM ??? I hope that the HEADS are NOT yet warped ... The engine heat will build up to just before the RED LINE. And When I put the hEATER ON to dissapate the HEAT- there is NO HEAT blowing OUT from the HOT ENGINE. What is Going ON here. ??? I need some advise PLEASE. My 67 Mustang coupe is Running OKAY Mechanically BUT I hate to take IT EVERY DAY to and from work. HELP PLEASE>
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I don't think that it's your freeze plus leaking. If they had a leak then you would have a lot of water running down the side of the block onto the ground. Are there any puddle of water on the ground? Have you checked what is coming out of the exhaust pipe? With the amount of water that you are having to put in, you should notice ALOT of water coming out the back.

When the water is draining that fast, it has to be going somewhere.....

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