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thank you,,
hey i have a question//

how and how much and what would be needed to convert an automatic to a stick shift?
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What year Mustang?

For a '65/'66 you will need:

1 clutch and brake pedal assy
2 Clutch return spring (underdash)
3 Bracket for clutch return spring (underdash)
4 Two(2) nylon pads for clutch return spring (underdash) - one goes on clutch pedal and other goes on Bracket for clutch return spring (underdash)
5 Clutch pedal stop
6 clutch pedal to Z bar rod
7 Z bar
8 Z bar clutch pivot, engine side
9 Two (2) Felt washers
10 Two (2) nylon Z bar support bearings
11 Z bar pivot, Sub frame rail side
12. Clutch rod firewall boot
13. Z bar to Clutch fork rod
14. Clutch Fork
15 Clutch Fork retainer
16 Clutch Fork return Spring
17 Clutch fork dust boot (Dust Boot, wasn't that a movie - ha, I kill myself)
18 Bel housing
19 Flywheel
20 Clutch and Pressure plate
21 Throw out bearing
22 Pilot Bearing
23 Transmission
25 Shift linkage (4 speed)
26 Shift lever and shifter assembly
28 trans to floor seal (optional but Originally manual trans cars from Ford had this)
29 Shifter boot
30 Shifter boot retainer
31 Shift knob
32 Speedo cable (match to trans type)
33 Speedo gear (match to rear gears, trans, and wheel diameter
34 engine block plate (goes between flywheel and engine
35 Trans yoke - maybe, I was lucky and the drive shaft and trans yoke of my '65 with A/T fit the '73 Toploader no problem

36 drive shaft shortened - maybe, see above.

37 Back up light switch and wiring (if so equipped)

39 All the hardware to bolt the above together.

You will need to remove the Neutral Starting Switch wiring and pull the firewall to under dash wiring out. From under the dash you will have to remove the NSS wires from the red with blue stripe wires and plug the red/blue wires together.
There is a circular cutout on the firewall you punch out for the clutch rod.

If you have headers or custom exhaust system be aware the clutch parts may get in the way.


Dean T

Shikatta Ga Nai - "It cannot be helped"
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I just have a thing for lists!


Dean T

Shikatta Ga Nai - "It cannot be helped"
One '67 Mustang Coupe? *G* Seriously, when you get done, you're going to be a '67 Mustang Guru.

Keep up the good work!

Dean T

Shikatta Ga Nai - "It cannot be helped"
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