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oil cooler - do i need it?

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my 67 fastback has an oil cooler that i just discovered (i've had it a month and have barely cracked the hood). i've heard there is little need for one unless raced. while i have a hot engine and so live in houston, i'll not be pushing it until a sticker-laden honda civic pulls up next to me.

is there any reason to keep it? at present its preventing me fom using the stock sized filter. i'd like to junk it unless anyone has a good reason not to.

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I would use the shorter filter I would not get rid of the oil cooler
My F250 came from the factory with an oil cooler it too must use the shorter filter. But lets face it we take care of our vehicles by giving them regular filter changes. The short filter will have no negative affect Just use it and worry no more

Greg B
An oil cooler will keep your engine cooler under ALL conditions, and in Houston that's a plus, but most filters bypass and with the limited filtering surface you apparently have it could be bypassing some oil most of the time. perhaps you could keep the cooler and go to a remote filter adapter as cheaply and as quickly as dumping the cooler

Tom Kubler, Long-time Mustang Enthusiast & San Antonio Mustang Club Founder
Using a remote oil filter mount is a good idea. I'm installing one in the '65 Garage Shelf because it's such a pain to get to the oil filter in the stock location with an A/c compressor and a bunch of other junk in the way. 'Course, with an overflow bottle, washer bag, and the oil cooler hoses, there's not much room left on the driver side fender apron.

Isn't VMF great? You get so many options!


Dean T

Shikatta Ga Nai - "It cannot be helped"
The FL1 oil filter began life in 1957 when the motor oil in use at the time had limited detergents and additives. The motors also were open to outside contaminants. Hence the need for large filtering surface. Today with our oils and closed systems they have been able to reduce the size of the filters.
Do you think for one minute that the manufacturers would put an inferior filter on and risk thousands of engine failures.
The difference between an FL1-A and A FL820-S is minute. They fold the pleated element in a different fashion to get more surface area in the shorter case(got that from a Fram Rep)
If you really cannot sleep at night with that small filter just go buy the Econoline 240-300cid filter adaptor that turns the filter 90deg off the block and you will have no problems. It can be used with your oil cooler setup
Part #'s Are
C5AZ-6840-A gasket adaptor to block
EAA-6749-A gasket head of hollow bolt to adapter
C5TZ-6881-A adapter-oil filter
EAM-6890-A inset adapter to block
C5AZ-6894-A bolt adapter to block

Greg B
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