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oil leak question

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I have a small oil leak coming from the top right side of the front seal ... it created a small puddle over time and then doesn't leak further. I would assue this just means I need to replace the seal ... the thing is I don't really have the means to do so at this time ... can this do any serious damage?
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Leaking from the TOP of the front seal??? Not over full on oil, of the PVC valve plogged up. Leaking from the bottom, I understand that, but, not from the top. I would keep a close eye on the oil level, and check the PVC valve to make sure you are not building up too much crankcase pressure.
Oil is cheaper than gaskets.....
Since the front seal only receives incidental splash, it's pretty forgiving and a catastophic failure is unlikely, although even a slow/intermittent oil leak can be messy and irritating.

My only tips would be to check your oil level occasionally to monitor consumption (both by the leak and elsewhere) and to be respectful of others driveways and not stain them. I have a small nuiscence leak from the front seal of my D-coder C4 which sounds a lot like yours...maybe leaves a dime sized mark after sitting a couple hours after running. I just keep a rubber pad with some cat litter on it in the garage and park on the street at friends's been like that for 6-7 years now with no changes...

If you can live with the side-effects of the oil leak (mess *G*), it'll likely cause you no harm engine-wise...

If you're having to put a quart of oil in every 100 miles, it's time to stop staining America and get that sucker fixed *G*
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lol ... it's nowhere near that bad ... just puddles up on the block a little. It doesn't drip or anything and the oil consumption is barely noticeable.
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