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oil pickup to pump??

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Is there suppose to be a sealer put on the threads of my old pickup to this new melling pump i have ? And what is the best way to determine how many turns or how tight the pickup should be to the pump. Can I crank this tube around with vise grips, what is the best way. thx
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Hey Bob,
What engine are you workin' on?

If you're doing a pipe thread pickup, I'd just use a thin coat of hardenable pipe dope (or Loctite hydraulic sealant) on the threads and screw it on until it's good and tight (skip the first couple of threads to keep the goop from getting in the pump)...clamp the pump in a vise to hold it if you can't mount it on the engine to hold still while you're should have enough leverage on the pickup tube to screw it in tight without using vise-grips...get it close and then finalize position after the pump is on the engine...

I've done a few flatheads that way and IIRC, some Chevy's...*G*

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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