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Oil Pressure gauge stopped working '73 Mach 1

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Out for a drive the other day and during a routine scan of the gauges I saw my oil pressure was at zero--I pulled over and the engine wasn't making any bad noises so I stopped at an auto parts store and picked up a mechanical gauge--Oil pressure confirmed at 65 lbs
My question is this--Is there a gauge that will fit in the gauge pod on a '73 Mach 1?--Maybe one with actual numbers--Electrical or Mechanical
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I understand the desire for a "real" gauge. But before you tear the dash apart, test the gauge by grounding the sender wire. I'd put money on a bad sender before a bad gauge.
Thanks--I'll try that this weekend--It's a relatively new sender but anything can fail--I was thinking my 50 year old gauge was the culprit
I had the same thing happen. I just opened the hood and reconnect the wire to the sender. It had popped off. Pretty unsettling when you see it happen.
Definitely check all the wiring and replace the sending unit before you tear the dash apart. Modern auto parts store sending units are notorious for premature failures. I would suggest trying a NAPA brand sending unit. That's no guarantee, but I've had good luck with NAPA electrical parts. If you can find an Motorcraft sending unit, even better.
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