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OK, now, clutch adjustment

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I have the clutch adjusted so I have about one inch free play in the clutch peddle. I have a diaphram type pressure plate. Do I adjust this type pressure plate different from the three finger type. I think the book said I needed one inch, but that was with the three finger type clutch. If I tighten things up so the peddle doesn't snap back, aren't I in danger of the clutch slipping? It seems to chatter, at times, now, and it's not very old. Thanks to all.

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Yes, 1in from the top is just about right for either your diaphram or the "long" style, (the one with fingers). If your clutch is adjusted properly then that won't be the chattering problem. It's possibly several things, some of which can be the clutch itself, engine/trans mounts, etc. T-shoot that as a separate problem.

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OK, I can check mounts, etc., but my clutch peddle still wants to snap out when I release the peddle. If I adjust it up tight, it doesn't snap back, but I'm worried about clutch slippage. Maybe it's just the pressure plate I have. Any ideas?
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