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Ok then, so also what is rod knock?

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Would anyone believe I rebuilt my engine and it runs great, not knowing this stuff? LoL

I suspect rod knock is when the rod is getting loose on the crankshaft journal?

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hmm i know piston knock is the piston knocking against the cylinder walls but no clue about rod knock.

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I bought a 351W years ago to swap the six in my first Mustang. I dropped the engine in and it had a bad knock. I pulled it back out and went through the motor. To my dismay, it was quite a mess. After replacing the mangled cam and lifters, along with almost everything else, I discovered that one of the rods was bent. I knew something was wrong after I torqued it and the engine was really hard to turn.
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It's actually where the bearing goes bad and eventually the tolerance gets bad enough that it emmits noise as the crank takes up the slack as it forces the rod up and down.

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You got it. Usually the result of worn bearings. There is also "piston slap", "dropped a valve", and "spun a bearing". Probably other well worn phrases the old heads can bring up.

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Yes and the more sloppy the fit the louder it gets. when all the bearing material is gone then business really picks up and the end is near..... John

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