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I was having a lot of trouble getting the 65 convertible to run smooth. it would make your teeth intake, rebuilt carb(2 barrel till i get the $ for a new edlebrock), new plug wires, points, condensor, coil. the last thing i suspected was the spark plugs.. put a new set in(first time for me doing a 289 - boy did ford create a knuckle scraper or what) and she leveled right out...

i drove her around the block (with the top down - got into the low 60s today) and I passed two people as they were getting out of their car in their driveway. both of them kinda froze and stared.... she looks so sweet.... even with the dings i have yet to fix....

now i better get the brake lights and rear turn signals working...

65 pony from ground up, inline 6 (son's car),
66 Red Convertible, 289(dad's car)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts