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The Mustang is finally running nicely.

It took a lot of work, but really paid off today. This car sat for 15 years prior to my ownership. When I bought the Mustang two months ago, it was stalling, coughing, knocking, generally not running right, and not being very nice to me to boot. This car was to become my daily driver in three months.I was getting nervous that I was in over my head.
But I got in there and went for it.

What I found out:

The engine was not rebuilt, as sold! It was detailed in car.
It does have the 200 I6 with C3 trans, not C4 as sold!
The engine had the wrong distributor (which was causing the rough idle....!) - Replaced.
The carb needed rebuilt and machined, blasted and coated.
I replaced all of the fluids, tune, flush, trans, filters...
The compression on the engine was nice. But the PO used non-standard parts that did not fit this car.

When I bought the Mustang in Feb. I had a very basic knowledge of Mustangs and mechanics. But thanks to all VMF'ers and your advise and help. I have a nice running car now. And I am beginning to venture into the suspension.

I fell in love with my Mustang today.
Driving in the sun. It was upper 60's and very nice.

So to the future, Ponys, and nice sunny days with the top or windows down.
Drive On!



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Nothing better than driving your stang on a nice sunny day. Congrats!!!

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(rebuilding a 351W)

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I know the feeling...good job! It is a real shame that some people will say anything to sell a car.. the guy that sold me my car said it was in good shape and needed some work..I was a little too eager and took his word for it..after 2 years of welding in all new metal I finally had the car road worthy.. I think the most fun I have had with the car yet was when I drove by the guy's house and showed him the finish project..he could not believe it was the same car.. he spent an hour looking at it trying to figure out what happened.. he was sorry he sold it to me...I had the last laugh.
Chris Hunter
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