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A couple of months a go, my 14 year old nephew was visiting with his Grandparents and insisted they drive him over to my house so he could tell me the news! When he got here, he was so excited that his dad (my brother) had told him he could have his old 79 Mustang, and they would fix it up together as a father & son project. Zach (my nephew) knew I was into mustangs, and just had to tell me the news. We talked a bit, I showed him a few of my stangs, and it was great to see a another young person become enthused and get involved with cars early on.

Before he left I told him to call me if he would like to go to the upcoming car show which was yesterday and if his dad couldn't take him. Well Last week he does just that, and asked if I could pick him up and take him. When I asked if his dad was going, I got a big silence and then a very quite "no". I realized that since I was going to be there, my brother wasn't going to take him.

To break off and tell you a little about the past, his dad and mom are divorced, and my relationship with my brother is strained. Things have been said and done in the past that keeps are families apart unfortunately. I have been willing to let things be and get on with the future, and his girlfriend would like the same, but my brother tends to hold things in a little more and isn't so willing to move on. So I have been trying to work my way in, through our kids, especially since my brother and I share the same interest in classic cars, and now I know my nephew does.

Anyway back to the story, my wife had taken the call from Zach as I was out. She talked to his mother and she said that would be fine. I wanted to pick him up before the show, but he was at a birthday party until 3pm, which is when I had to be at the show to check the car in. So swmbo went over and picked him up for me in the 67 convertible with the top down and brought him out to the show. We got to spend some quality time at the show, I found out some of the modifications he wants to do with the 79 Mustang, ate pizza & ice cream and got to check out all of the cool cars at the show together, and most importantly... got to know my nephew a little better, as this is only the 2nd. time I have got to see him this year.

I am hoping my brother won't take this the wrong way, and not allow Zach to contact me from here on out. I would rather he see it, as a way are families can start the healing process, and be able to start getting together even if it's through our kids at the beginning. Zach had a blast at the car show, and got to see me take 1st. Place. I'm hoping when he talks to his dad about the show and how much fun he had. Hopefully his dad will consider taking me up on one of my offers to do lunch or take the kids to a ball game or something.

Out of all the great deals I have made in the past, my enjoyment of Mustangs has never been so rewarding as it was yesterday!
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Wow, that's really neat Doug,

The car stuff is easy. I had a '79 Mustang in highschool and it was a blast. Don't forget that a few of those puppies had recaro buckets. Those were the best seats I've ever had in a car. I don't know where you'd ever find a pair...but they were nice. Mine (a pace car) had those Marchel (sp?) fog lights which were fun for a teenage, a four speed, a peppy 2.3 Turbo (I still remember the whistle it made...SWEET!) and those AWFUL TRX metric radials. What was Ford thinking with those? I wonder if you can even buy them anymore. I doubt it. The first Fox. A legend in the making.

The brother stuff (as you well know) is much harder. Having 2 brother's myself, I've been down this road too. If you're interested there's a super book that's loaded with great advice that says something like "if you are doing something critically important and there remember that your brother has something against you, immediately quit what you are doing. Before you continue go and make amends with your brother; then finish your task."

That probably seems pretty trite from someone that doesn't know the backgound of your beef...but I do know life's too short. That new guy Johnny posted the other day about something and I pointed out that he needed to do his best because he only gets to be 16 for one year. Well Doug, I only get to be 38 for one year too. And you and your brother only get to be whatever you are for a limited time.

Good Good luck with it. I wish you the best. I sure enjoy my brothers now. I just wish I was able to spend more time with them.

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